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Date:   18th April                   


Dear Pastor, Church, Supporters;


2 Corinthians 5:7 (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

The above verse of Scripture may seem to be often quoted by those who have much and often need little or who are not stranded.  It is a good verse to preach and much easier to preach then to live by.

That being said, our entire Christian life is to be lived by that verse, (by faith) how do you know you have faith unless it is tried?  And when it is tried, how do you do?


I have a special report that I am sending out, and it pertains to a need on the field in PNG, in which a church has met most of that need.  I would also like to state that it is the LORD (Psalms 127:1) “A Song of degrees for Solomon. Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. “


I have tried to be a good steward of what the LORD has put in my care and the vehicle which was bought new in 2005, a Land Rover which was used in Malawi for near eleven years was shipped to PNG, as it was the only vehicle that I had in the work and to replace it was more than I had at the time.


With the work loads and the road conditions in PNG, it has been a constant struggle to keep the vehicle mobile and in operations.  I have welded the chassis several times over and numbers places on it, done much repair, and replaced many parts.  All this said, there is a church (Lighthouse Baptist Church in Salinas CA) Pastor is Bro. Bob Hobbs, and they felt led to offer an amount towards the purchase of a x-military truck similar to the one we shipped to Malawi back in 2002.  This truck is heavier, has a longer bed and will carry more and withstand the road conditions.


The cost of the vehicle has come to Twenty-five thousand dollars and Lighthouse Bap church has already sent those funds to my home church.  The paperwork is under way to facilitate export with permission by the US government.  This being said, it will take approximate four thousand five hundred to get the truck transported by road to a port in CA.  The sea transport is yet to be determined as I am trying to work this out.  I am not begging, or asking, I am simply reporting on the work, the needs, the demands, the answers to a need and a response that has already been made.


I have always tried to keep these things before the people and let our LORD touch the hearts of HIS people.


There are some concerns by some that if we go ahead and make the purchase then what do we do if we don’t have the funds for export?  I would like to remind us all, and ask a question, what happened to the generation of those who just lived on faith?  My father went to PNG back in 1960 with just a little over five hundred dollars a wife and three children.  I needed to make a trip to PNG, whilst still being based in Malawi and the LORD provided the means even before I knew about it.


My shipping container from Malawi to PNG, arrived we had the funds and paid for it, however to transport it from Port Lae to the mission station it was going to cost (Twenty-Thousand USD) no church back here, no Christian back here contributed to this cost, however the LORD raised up a group of (unbelieving Huli) Tribesmen that absorbed the cost from knowing dad and myself over the years. 


The cattle upon a thousand hills belong unto the LORD, yes I know the verse that we are to ‘count the cost’ and I think we have counted, or at least I have counted the cost.  I have spent all that I have for thirty-five years in the LORD’S work, and I have seen the LORD perform some wonderful things.


I would like to simply leave it in the LORD’S care and trusting HIM that this great effort and endeavour will come to fruition.


In His Name,

Peter Halliman