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Date: 18th Nov 2011 [Part 11]

Dear Pastor, Church & all Supporters;

(Col 4:6) “Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.”

23rd Aug 2011 Tuesday

The Bible conference was called into session at 0900 hrs, the pastors wanted me to this time during the conference and do most of the preaching and teaching, due to the fact that most of my time which, I have spent in PNG during different trips which I have made have been in visiting the churches. They had requested that I teach a preachers Seminar, and we discussed this, however due to my timetable and the load which, I would work under trying to meet the demands of the work, it was not likely that I would be able to single out a few weeks for the seminar, therefore, I conceded to the request at this time.

The meetinghouse would not accommodate all the people so we made provisions outside. Once organized the services started and soon the preaching was started. I took an opportunity to preach on ‘N.T. Mission work’; there is a lot of so called mission work being carried out around the world, however, most of it involves packages and entertainment. The bible schools and institutions around the world, go to great length to teach their disciples more about administration, high pressure (free-will) Gospel messages, Christ only taught one way to preach, and only one Gospel – (Ro 1:16)¶ “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”

There were several visitors who came, some sat, others stood, and some passed by; like unto biblical times so too are the conditions in Africa and PNG, where outside preaching will attract different ones for different reasons. I really don’t care for what reason someone comes to hear the preaching, for the Gospel is not mine, and the power belongeth not unto me, I am simply an instrument in the hands of Jehovah. My duty is to preach in Spirit and in Truth and God will use the Word to call out His people and save them at the appointed time. How shall they hear without a preacher?

The morning service went to lunchtime; we took our mid-day meal and break. At 1430 hrs we resumed and I preached twice for the afternoon hours. Our day ended but the Spiritual fellowship did not, and the encouragement from God’s Word would go with many of us for days to come. That evening the preachers gathered and we sat for discussions regarding the mission work, some of the problems, and challenges faced. After three hours of discussions we called it a day, being long and the body tired we retired for the evening.

24th Aug 2011 [Wed]

Our day started out at 0600 hrs and after bathing and some fruit and coffee we started our services again at 0900 hrs. Firstly, Bro Ekere Ibago preached and then after him I preach twice. There were two of our young preachers who have been attending a bible college in Goroka (Eastern Highlands) some fourteen hours drive away. Since we do not have a bible school teacher at this point, some of the young preachers have asked me if it would be ok to attend this bible college in Goroka – they claim to be Baptist, but would not be of our persuasion. I see this as though one eating fish, consume the good part and spit out the bones. This is a need in our work that has been so for some time, only the LORD knows the answer at this point. One of those preachers, I asked him to speak; it doesn’t take long to listen to a preacher before one can know what they believe. He preached a good message, however there was some language that I needed to address as some of his wording was flavoured with (free-willism).

Later in the afternoon there was a Mumu which, had been officiated, therefore after the meal, we did not tarry but went back to conduct another service. This day was enriched with God’s Word and fellowship.

It started raining, and rained all night, the temperature dropped to 61 dg’s F, which forced me into my sleeping bag.

25th Aug 2011 [Thurs]

This being our day to start our return back to the Tanggi Mission Station, at 0700 hrs we were packed and ready to go, awaiting my friend Yawas who had agreed to come collect us and take us back.

We were told that one of the members of the church at Nogoli Bap church wanted to have a Mumu and that he had already started, so as we waited for our ride, the Mumu took place, whilst the food was being prepared and cooked, it gave me some extra time to discuss with some of the folks who had come to attend the conference about my schedule and itinerary. I went over the next few weeks program with different ones and of course they all wanted me to come by and spend several days with each of them. I informed them that time would play a major role in this event, as I was not sure just how long we would be in PNG, this at the moment satisfied them.

It was time for the Mumu to be taken out (that is the pig and sweet potatoes, pumpkin, fern leaves, bananas, and other indigenous foods); the custom is that the greens are served first, then the veggies, and lastly the meat, which is cut up in a special manner and distributed to the guest in relation to position, status etc…

In the afternoon hours around 1630 hrs our ride arrived, after we organized who was going with us, and who would be going by public transport, we then began to pack the baggage and seat those who would go with us. At 1830 hrs we arrived at Tanggi, we packed the bags up to the house from the main dirt road and settled in. As the wood stove was heating up, we unpacked and settled in again. The bath water was heated up and we both took our baths, and then had dinner. It is amazing how nice it is to have a proper dinner table to sit at and eat ones meal. A simple wooden chair makes the meal a bit more enjoyable.

At 2300 hrs we called it a day, thanked the LORD for HIS blessings to us and blew out the candle. As we listened to the rain, I was reminded how God cares for the earth, and even though it knows not how to cry out for its needs, HE has already predetermined what shall be given, what more for HIS people.

To be continued…

Missionary Peter A. Halliman