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SGBM –PNG mission report (# 22)

Date: 08th February 2012

Dear Pastor, Church, and Supporters;

(Isa 55:11) “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

11th September 2011 (Sunday)

0600 hrs I started today there was still heavy mist from the nights continual raining, the clouds were hung low and the fog was so thick that I couldn’t see very far out the windows. I had my morning coffee and spent time in GOD’S Word, preparing for the days services. Today would be an easy day for me as I would not have far to travel, nor would I have to overnight any place outside of me own home. The church, which I had conducted, a service at on Friday (Aluwini Bap Church) wanted us to come back for another service since we had only been with them the one time on Friday. I had concurred so I would preach there in the morning and then following I would proceed onto another church which is along the road side, on our way back to the mission station.

We departed the house by 0800 hrs, and arrived at the church building by 0900 hrs, since most of the folks had already arrived, we did not tarry but went straight into the service. I preached on “How or Why does anyone believe”, though no one made a profession of faith we had a wonderful service and the folks seemed to be encouraged and rejoiced in the fact that we were able to join with them in another service. I should insert something here that may be of interest to some of my readers, and again some may disagree with me and others may agree, however I do not fashion or tailor my ministry after what people think or like, rather what I believe the H.S. is leading me to do at the time. For many years I have never given an invitation at the end of my preaching, bear in mind that I do not minister amongst those who are of a developed society such as the [western hemisphere], the preaching is plain and simple the Gospel is simply what it is, I believe that when a baby is about to be born, the doctor (if there is one), the midwife, or the mother herself, cannot expedite this birth (on a natural scale), the baby will be born exactly when GOD wants it to be born, not a minute early, or late. All the shouting, or persuading, or joining in trying to encourage the baby to come will not assist the baby at all! Therefore in the Spiritual world, I also believe that when someone has been born again by GOD’S H.S. they do not need to be prayed through, we don’t need to plead, or beg, or sing eight songs (just one more song, I know so and so is about to be saved)!

I have been stopped in my preaching before by the Natives of these primitive lands telling me that GOD has saved them. I had a visitor here in Malawi who went with me on a mission trip and at the service, I asked them to preach and I also did, after the preaching, there was some singing and then I closed the service. I was asked why I did not give an invitation; the above answer was my reply then and now too.

We carried on from the Aluwini Bap church a ways down the mountain to the main dirt road where we continued walking till we arrived at Peramu Bap church where Bro. Hebale is pastor. He would be in his late eighties now; he was a young man like Pastor Kendo when Dad first arrived in this area of PNG back in 1960. He has been faithful all these years as a pastor. He was saved shortly after Dad started a work among these people, and then the LORD called him to preach, and from there he has been a pastor for the better part of forty years. His voice is almost gone, his eyes are dim and his strength failing, but he keeps on keeping on. I asked Pastor Hebale, why didn’t he [retire] the pastorate like some brethren I know do, his answer to me was, [did GOD make a mistake in HIS calling him as pastor, and did GOD not know from the beginning that he would grow old when HE called him? I thought this was a good answer for all of GOD’S men. Either GOD has called you or HE hasn’t, I don’t recall where GOD added a clause in the qualifications of a Bishop, [you may retire when things get tough, or when you get aged].

The afternoon rains came in heavy and due to the noise on the roofing sheets we had some fellowship until the rain subsided some. I preached on “Except ye be born again”

The fellowship was sweet and though it was a small church (in number) the members were faithful.

We started our walk home after services and arrived back at the Tanggi Mission Station in the afternoon hours. It had been a very easy day at least for me, with a few hours of daylight still available we took advantage of this and cooked our meal and had our bath water heated and took our baths. The final slivers of daylight were passing quick into the horizon, as I stood on the front veranda looking out across the valley, I could see various houses of these people identified with smoke circling upward. These people heat with fire, cook with fires, and light with fires so their entire culture revolves around the fire.

At last I was forced into the house with no more natural light to behold, I too settled in and prepared for the evening. We would prepare this night for a trip back into Mt. Hagen as we were running out of supplies, therefore the last couple of hours we packed up a few things, which we could carry in two small backpacks. It was 2200 hrs when we called it a day.

12th September 2011 (Monday)

0300 hrs was the magic hour, we had our prayer and set off with Hepe, and Magana there was a vehicle which came at 0500 hrs and found us in the way walking, picked us up and took us to Koroba [a government station]. We were supposed to catch public transport from there, but they were packed full, the same vehicle we had been assisted on took us to Tari another government station and some fifty-road miles away. We arrived in time and from there we found a vehicle travelling to Mt. Hagen we paid the fare and boarded. The drive took twelve hours and along the way we had three flat tyres. It was 20:00 hrs when we arrived in Mt. Hagen. It had been a long day, and we just wanted to take a bath and go to bed. We were dropped off at the house of me mate (Mike Sharpe) and took our showers, then went to bed, yes we were hungry but more tired then hungry.

The following dates were spent in Mt. Hagen: 13th – through – 18th September 2011

We did our shopping for food, medical supplies, picked up some funds via Western Union. I spent some time updating our church and pastor with email communications.

On Sunday the 18th of September 2011 –

Bro Ekere pastor of Kim Bap church, asked me to preach for them, of which I did, we then spent the day with Bro. Ekere and several of the members of Kim Bap church. It was refreshing and encouraging as well. He was encouraged by the reports, which we had brought back to him from the churches in the bush and with this encouragement it seemed like GOD really had blessed the work of our hands.

19th September 2011 (Monday)

0600 hrs we were up and starting our day, this would be the day, which we would find transport and return to the Southern Highlands where our work is, and to our home at the Tanggi Mission Station. The past few days we were able to spend in Mt. Hagen though its not much to write home about if you are coming from a developed country and used to a sophisticated lifestyle, however from where we had been for the past days, and the conditions of which we lived under, we felt like we had been blessed by the accommodations with electric and running water (hot running water) and a toilet which flushed. Shops where one could actually purchase different kinds of foods and was within a short walking distance. I have learned in life that most everything is relative, just about the time you think things are bad, well look around you, someone has it worse off then you do. When you think times are tough, there are others who are having it even tougher then you. When you think that you are doing without, just look around and it will not be long you will see others with less then you.

We had some last minute shopping to do and then we would set off for our home at Tanggi. The time passed, and the last few items were found, we packed up and I was able to hire a Toyota Land Cruiser 4 X 4, we packed up the vehicle, fuelled up and were ready to depart Mt. Hagen by 1730 hrs. I drove through the night to Tari, arriving at 0400 hrs, I proceeded to Nogoli to check on things at the other Mission Station and discuss with Bro. Andi Taiya (where we had attended the Bible Conf.) After a short visit, we set off for Tanggi and arrived by 0700 hrs and as we drove across the wooden bridge entering into the Mission Station one of the logs broke, but I had managed to drive across without any damage to the vehicle. We drove up to the house, unloaded the cargo, food, medical supplies and then I organized with some men to go repair the bridge. This took the better part of a couple hours. I managed to drive the vehicle back across without any drama and then handed the vehicle over to Mark Mapu (Christian member of Kim Bap. Ch in Mt. Hagen) and a true friend. The vehicle was only hired out for a twenty-four hour timetable so they would drive straight back to Mt. Hagen.

We spent the rest of the day sorting through supplies and getting things in order around the house. The men who had previously went on patrol with us had been given some time to return back to their respective homes and sort out any business they would need to with their families. We had given them the date when we would return and they would hike to the Tanggi Mission Station and prepare for another leg of mission patrols.

The day wore on as we packed and repacked, this time we would be hiking over into the Duna area, which, is separated, from the Tanggi Mission Station by three mountain ridges. I was asked to preach a Revival meeting at a particular church and the message was sent that their gardens had not fully matured with sweet potatoes therefore we would need to make the provisions for this duration of time, i.e., with the people in our party.

The cargo was packed; the medical supplies packed and set-aside for the morning. We spent the rest of the evening resting after a long night and day with little sleep.

To be continued…

Missionary Peter A. Halliman