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Date: 22/04/2012

Continued from Report # 26

(Report # 27)

Dear Pastor, Church, and Supporters;

(Jer 12:1) ¶“ Righteous art thou, O LORD, when I plead with thee: yet let me talk with thee of thy judgments: Wherefore doth the way of the wicked prosper? wherefore are all they happy that deal very treacherously?”

The first few hours passed with no issues other then trying to stay upright in many places simply because of the slippery wet conditions. The daily rain in these jungles with the heat factor makes a perfect environment for fungus, moss and many other things.

With several miles behind us, and near lunch we made way for a rest and to take some lunch, which, consisted of sugarcane, sweet potatoes, cucumber, salt, peanuts, and fresh mountain water. I noticed that three men had followed us, (they had attended our services at the last point) they were all painted up for war and were armed. I asked them where they were going and they answered (the same place you are going to). I remembered a story long ago, which, happened to my father when in similar conditions, and a man had followed dad and his party back into an area where there was tribal fighting and that particular man was wanted for killing his wife. That man then had chosen to follow dad and his party simply for the protection of numbers. It almost cost dad his life, and the lives of those with him. I related this story to these three men and told them that we were on a Spiritual mission and if they had any debts to settle then they could go ahead of us, or turn back, that I was not going to allow them to hide within our party in order to reach where they wanted to go.

I was not armed, and had no way of defending myself, my wife, and or anyone in our party so I felt it best to ask them to proceed without us. I waited an extra thirty minutes for them to gain way before us, and then I posted my wife and myself with another man (Bro. Makana) and elder man who was well seasoned in patrols, we took the rear post, and at the front I posted two strong matured men who were armed with machete’s in order to cut the bush before us, but also to act as point men.

We had prayer asking our LORD for protection and we proceeded in single file quietly for nearly two hours. There would really be no way of knowing if we were being followed or pursued or not, simply because the denseness of the jungles. My only advantage was that I had twelve strong men in our party and they too come from warrior blood.

As the hours ticked by and the miles lay behind us, we crossed two rivers and several small mountain ridges, we came to quite a large mountain when we made a turn and started up this mountain. There was no way to know just how long we would climb as there was no view to its size, but I had a feeling we would be at it for some time.

Four hours later we came upon a clearing where someone had cut out of the jungles a garden area, we stopped for resting and after about twenty minutes we carried on till we came to the head of the mountain where there was a clearing and several men gathered.

We had reached our destination, we were greeted and shown a place where we could pitch out tent and make camp. The plans were that we would spend several days or as long as the food was to hold out at this place and then either start back or find some more food.

I had another issue to deal with, during the hike of this day; somewhere along the accent of the last mountain (Mt. Kili) my wife had twisted her knee and had already started swelling. We had our medical pack and I needed to start some hot and cold packs to treat it. The men cleared a place for us to make camp and in a short time the ground was levelled, bush was cut and poles were erected for a temporary home. Our tent was pitched, and the big tarp, which I had taken, was now used for the folks, which were with me in my party. With twenty-five people it would not take long to consume the food, which, we had been carrying.

Domestic chores were carried out straight away; we had been hiking for nearly twelve hours that day and I expected we had covered twelve to fifteen miles. At the top of this mountain we could see where we had crossed from the Tanggi mission station (the mountain ridges) as well as where we had come from that morning. The view was something to behold and better then any picture could present. Water was heated for bathing and food was put on for our meals. We settled in for that day, and had some discussion with several of the men from this area for church services the following day.

This area we were in was a natural crossroads (as though it were) between the Hewa Tribesmen, the Duna Tribesmen and the Opena Tribesmen. These tribes had used this place over the years as a crossroads and meeting place for compensation pays during tribal fighting. Now, there was exploration going on with a company as they were looking for natural resources. Thus, the assembling of men (land owners) to seek employment and compensation payouts, this is how it all began with one man named Akibe, a Duna tribesmen but had relations amongst the Hewa people and therefore we were invited to this area through Akibe (a young man about 25).

We had made some plans to start having preaching services in the morning so having had a full day, after our bathing and taking our meal we called it a day at 0830 hrs. Having pitched out tent on the top of this mountain, literally on the edge where the rains and wind beat through the night and with an altitude of over twelve thousand feet the temp dropped to be quite cool in the night.

18th October 2011 (Tuesday)

It had rained all night, (heavy) and continued through the early morning hours, it was as though Jehovah had said, you had a hard day yesterday, and you don’t need to go anywhere, you are on top of the mountain and I have a people for you to preach to, get some rest until I switch off the rain… or at least this is how I felt, after hiking for almost fifteen miles in these mountains.

I rose at 0600 hrs but did not come out of the tent until 0630 hrs, the morning air was crisp and clean, the smell of freshness, well above the low lying clouds and pitched on top of one of the tallest peaks around, the panoramic view was breathtaking and even the camera could not do justice to the beauty with which the natural eye beheld.

This being new territory even for myself, I had never been this deep into the Jungles of PNG from the days of my father through all these years. As I sat there on the top of this mountain ridge drinking my coffee and having my daily Psalm reading I wondered as I looked out for miles in front of me, mountain ridge after mountain ridge, just how many of God’s lost sheep were scattered and lost without hope. I was convinced that I had been guided to this particular place for a purpose and reason.

The morning was spent in discussions with several men who approached us about why we had come and what were our plans. After the discussions, a certain man stood up in the midst of these men and told me that we were welcome and if we wanted time to preach they would call together the people and give us time to preach the Word of God.

The schedule was made, and after bathing and preparation, it was near noon when there was a small market where several people gathered, and which, became the opportune time to preach to the people.

At the appointed time we gathered, this being a totally new arena of folks, where the Gospel had not been preached, where Christ had not been named, but instead idolatry had prevailed, warfare was the way of life for these people, witchcraft was rift and Satan had a stronghold amongst these primitive people.

I have learned long ago that you cannot teach lost people doctrine, they must hear the Gospel of Christ, and so it was… I preached on “Being Saved from your Sins” some folks think that we are saved from Hell, but I do not believe this, Hell is simply a place for those to go who are not saved from their sins, being saved from Hell is a by product of being Saved from our sins. It is sin that sends folks to Hell, if you had no sin one would not go to Hell. If we had been saved from Hell, then what is it that Christ (died for) for certain Christ did not die just to keep folks out of Hell!

For you preachers who have never preached out of a local church building, such as a local, public market area you must understand human behaviour. The lost soul is not obedient to church protocol, many of the men who attended or at least stood around in the market, were painted up with war paint and armed but they stood and listened. I preached with great liberty this day and felt that the LORD would use this message in HIS own time for the good of these people.

As I have stated, this location is the cross roads of three different Tribes, the Hewa, Duna, and Enga Tribesmen. We spent the rest of the day talking to people, learning more about this area, and what we could expect in the future. We had our lunch, and then we prepared for another service in the afternoon hours. I preached on “A rich man in Hell, and a beggar in Heaven”, later that afternoon several men came to our camp and said they wanted to talk with me, therefore I gave them time to conference with me.

To be Continued…

Missionary Peter A. Halliman