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Date: 22/04/2012

Continued from Report # 27

(Report # 28)

Dear Pastor, Church, and Supporters;

(Ps 62:11) God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.

(Ps 62:12) Also unto thee, O Lord, belongeth mercy: for thou renderest to every man according to his work.

The agenda surrounded the issue of my coming… they informed me that from some of the older men who were there, they had never seen a “Whiteman” come into their area. They (the older men) had heard many years ago how a certain missionary named (Halliman) had come and settled amongst the Duna Tribesmen but he never made it as far as where we were now.

Their people only heard of the rumours of Missionaries but never had seen one come to them. They wanted to know if I was for real, and if I would come back. They wanted me to know that if I would come back they were willing to give some land to construct a building so that we could worship and teach their people about the GOD JEHOVAH of whom we spoke about.

I answered them, that if GOD would so peradventure and make the provisions, that I would return and preach to them. I spent the balance of the afternoon getting to know better these people. One thing that I have learned about Tribal people and I have said this many times before in reports, that is, they are not so concerned about time-tables, but what they do remember is what you tell them. They will hold you to what you say, so if you don’t intend on doing what you say, then don’t say it.

The evening was upon us and I had two concerns, the food was being consumed quickly and I knew that we would have to start our journey back before the food expired, and secondly, my wife had suffered a knee injury hiking the last mountain where we had pitched our tent and the two days we spent so far had showed no signs of improvement. I knew that we would have to carry her out on a bush stretcher if we were to hike out.

The other option was, to try and organize for a helicopter to airlift her out. We managed to make contact with a chopper through this exploration project, which, was being conducted on the top of this mountain. They had two-way radios and after our situation was explained to them, the site manager agreed to assist us and would organize for tomorrow sometime around midday.

The evening, I spent time going over the schedule and putting certain ones in charge of the cargo, food, and services. We had been scheduled to preach at two other places, but if this airlift were to work, we would not get the chance to go to these two places. In our stead, the patrol team would carry on without us and continue with the scheduled and would be there that we would reunite.

Our evening meal was prepared and served, we ate and I spent time sitting around an open fire answering Biblical questions and teaching until it was time to retire for the day.

19th October 2011 (Wednesday)

The day started early, there was no rain in the night and at 0600 hrs the morning was clear, no clouds in the sky as I studied for the day and viewed the valley thousands of feet below, and between the mountain ridges, out of nowhere appeared a small cloud, about the size of a man, and I remembered how that Elijah said to his servant go up and look toward the sea, and see if you see anything, the servant did so and seen nothing, then Elijah told him to go up seven times and look, and he did, and the seventh time he see a small cloud come out from the sea (about the size of a man’s hand)….

I was reminded of this, as the cloud came out of nowhere that morning…. I am not saying I am a prophet, no had a great vision – no all I am saying is that I felt GOD moving that morning and was certain that GOD would perform a great thing for us that day.

We prepared for preaching and were given time in the morning to preach to those who could come, there were not as many as yesterday but several men had congregated to hear the preaching. I preached on “How a lost sheep got home” as I was finishing my message, a chopper flew in and landed on the chopper pad some ways off, shortly after the closing prayer, a messenger was sent to inform me that we needed to get our bags and be ready for an airlift. They could only carry three, so I selected Bro Hepe, the bags were brought and after some instructions we climbed into the chopper, my wife, Hepe, and I.

As we became airborne, it became all too obvious just how high up were camped on that mountain compared to the other mountains around us, with the sharpness of the mountain it was seconds that we were gazing thousands of feet below us into the canyon. The three days it took us to hike to where last pitched our tent took us eleven minutes to touch down at the Koroba Station. After touching down and retriving our bags, Hepe called the Police Commander of the Southern Highlands (who is a good friend of ours) he is a Duna Tribesman and a church member of Kim Bap Church in Mt. Hagen. He was not in Koroba but he said he would organize a Police vehicle to escort us to the Tanggi Mission Station.

We waited for about an hour and sure enough, a Police vehicle was sent, we just had to assist with some fuel. After we boarded and acquired some fuel we set off for the Tanggi Mission Station. In about an hour we were dropped off and Hepe and I carried the baggage up to the house. That night we had a special time of thanksgiving to the LORD, it was a wonderful thing to be home and rescued from the bush with my wife and her issue with her knee. We took our baths, had our dinner and retired early.

20th October 2011 (Thursday)

I rose 0500 hrs made the coffee and started breakfast, we got an early start on the day washing our gear, clothes, boots, sleeping bags, backpacks camping equipment, since there it was only the three of us and Hepe had to also go to the Tanggi market to find some fresh veggies for our menu my wife and I had to engage in the scrubbing and cleaning. I spent a good part of the day in studies as I had preached much in the bush expired most of the messages I had studied and prepared.

I have at times used older messages and so have many other preachers, but if a preacher does his homework, even a older message will be preached like a new one if the studies are in order.

We calculated that by Friday or Saturday the patrol team would reach Tanggi, later that day, there was church services at the Tanggi Bap church and Bro. Kendo asked if I would speak and I did so. That afternoon we spent some time in fellowship going over the past few days what the LORD had done for us.

The night brought the rains and we ended our day with thanksgiving.

21st October 2011 (Friday)

Today was spent mostly for me in studies and preparations for preaching, GOD was good to allow me to study and prepare without any interruptions and or events. GOD’S men need this if they are to feed the sheep.

I hooked up the solar and charged up the batteries of the cameras, the laptop and spent time copying over the pictures from the cameras to the laptop, this too is part of the work and requires time and effort.

22nd October 2011 (Saturday)

0500 hrs I woke and started my day, after some quite time with the LORD in prayer and the reading of my Psalms breakfast was served (sweet potatoes, ginger, onions, shredded into hash browns. This made a nice breakfast with good coffee.

We didn’t have much planned for today except that there was a market day at the Tanggi market and we were scheduled to go preach at the Tanggi market. The morning hours passed and near midday we walked down to the market to preach. As we assembled, and after one song, the wind blew in the rain and out of nowhere the thunder sounded, the clouds opened up and the rains poured. I never even announced my subject. We waited for almost fifteen minutes but there was no end to the rain and I decided it was better to call it off and return home. For some reason (known to HIM) the preaching of HIS Word was stopped that day. As we started walking home, it wasn’t five minutes and the rains stopped the clouds blew away and the sun came out. I don’t always understand why things work the way they work but it doesn’t mean that I have to understand, it just means that I don’t understand, that is all.

The rest of the day I had visitors, Natives who came to visit with me and discuss different things, mostly to get Spiritual counsel and advice regarding problems which they were facing.

The night hours came upon us and we had our dinner, and retired for the evening as we would have a busy day tomorrow.

23rd October 2011 (Sunday)

I rose early at 0400 hrs not that I had a long way to go, but the sleep to mine eyes was enough and I didn’t need to tarry any longer in the bed. It takes some time to build a fire in a wood stove and get it hot enough to boil water to make coffee and cook breakfast, but then again our lives had been turned back into time, or no time!

With breakfast on the table at 0630 hrs and some time to read our daily Psalms we did so and then I prepared for Church services. That day I would preach at the Tanggi Bap Church, there were several folks who came and attended who normally do not attend due to the fact that my wife was not able to hike any where due to the knee injury. The services were a real blessing to me, not that I preached, but because of the fellowship and encouragement that I received from the people.

24th October 2011 (Monday)

I started my day in the usual manner (early) with the daily reading of my Psalms and prayer for guidance. There was an issue which I was trying to decided and make a decision in the spirit and not in the flesh. I would need to return Port Moresby, collect our Passports and exit the country to Cairns Australia for about a week and then return to receive another three months work visa. Either that or just call it a day and move on and count it as GOD’S will to return to Malawi, the tug was relative to two more new areas where I have been invited over the last two visits into areas where our mission work has not extended.

As the day carried on, it was mid day and the patrol team arrived, it was like a family reunion. It is amazing how close you become to those whom you camp and work with in remote and primitive conditions preaching and teaching the WORD OF GOD, though most of those who faithfully hiked with me, they went in the name of the Prophet and gave him water to drink and food to eat and cleaned his clothes, and pitched his tent, I believe that they too will receive the Prophet’s reward.

In His Name,

Missionary Peter A. Halliman

To be continued…