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Date: 06/Nov/2011

Dear Pastor, Church & all Supporters;

I write to you in Jesus’ Name, He who was is and forever shall be Amen! Php 1:2 Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Php 1:3-4 ¶ I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy…

Continued from part (2)…

Sunday 7th Aug continued… After nearly two hours of service we closed with a song service and prayer. The afternoon was spent with Bro. Ekere and his family, they like many Papua New Guineans will share what they have with you (whomever you are) and are not shy on servings with the food. If you are picky with your diet, PNG is not the place for you.

They had a Mumu (of which I have described many times in reports of what this is), of chicken, sweet potatoes, greens, cabbage, broccoli, onions, some local food and we were served a lot more then what we could consume but none the less we would take some of the food with us when we went back to where we were staying. The day was truly uplifting, and filled with much emotion and joy. I am writing this report apart from my wife, and she too will pen to paper of what she experienced, seen, heard, and received whilst in PNG, and from the people there.

The day gave way to evening and soon it was time for us to go back to Mike’s place to spend the evening, we had some coffee and talked about conditions within PNG calling it a day around 2400 hrs.

Mon 8th Aug 2011

Our biological clock still was not in sync with PNG time; we woke near 8:00 hrs, had some coffee and breakfast, and went back to bro. Ekere’s residence to speak with him about the work and our immediate schedule. I will say that for the past few months prior to our departing Malawi, I had been communicating with Bro. Ekere Ibako and Pastor Andi Tyia regarding the bible conference, which would be hosted after my arrival into the country.

Over the years, the local churches have practiced hosting bible conferences quarterly within a calendar year.

When we arrived at Bro. Ekere’s we were met by Chief Kewane Kai, I have known this man for years and though he has never made a profession of faith in Christ, he has a concern for his people that they should be shepherded and guarded by the Baptist, since from day one his father, a Tribal Chief also made an alliance with dad, giving him complete freedom to work among his people in the Levini Valley.

As we talked through the day and discussed many things, there was one thing, which became clearly evident; this Tribal Chief was concerned that his people were not being protected within the Baptist environment as they once were in past days.

I can appreciate his concern for his people, and I can see that the younger generation is now seeking out ‘new things’, employment, and things are changing even in PNG. I took the liberty to share with Chief Kewane that many of these things are the ‘Signs of the last days’, which, opened a door for me to share with him, his need of a Saviour. The discussions lasted most of the day and at 1730 hrs we were served a meal and called it a day. We then returned to Mike’s residence and spent the balance of the evening discussing this amongst us.

As I tell those who wish to go with me to PNG, the English usually stops in Port Moresby, which is nothing more then a ‘business language’; the National language of PNG is ‘Pidgin’ this is not a mixture of senseless words, or cheating on English as some have put it, it is a language, it has its own grammar and truly is the common language of over 700 Tribal languages in PNG.

I knew it would be frustrating for my wife as she would have to rely upon me to translate all conversations for her, this is a lot easier said then done, and many times there is not the time to simply stop the conservation and translate.

Among the people whom our work has been carried out, there are the Huli’s, Duna’s, Pogwaiyians, whilst I don’t speak all these languages, I do speak the Pidgin, Huli, and Duna so sometimes among the Natives when we are conducting business there are multiple conversations going which becomes impossible to translate word for word to someone who does not speak that, or those languages.

About the only English which I speak when in PNG is when I meet an “English speaking person”.

We retired for the evening at 10:00 hrs, it truly was a good day, and the LORD had blessed the meeting.

Tue 9th Aug 2011

We started our day at 0600 hrs, I figured it would take us a day or two, to come right and it has. In PNG, being three degrees South of the equator means God has set the clock for almost twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness, so whatever one has to do in the daylight hours its important to remember this, and besides there are two monsoon seasons in PNG, meaning, one rains more then the other. Every day it rains, and many times will rain all night. Out at the Tanggi Mission station it rains four hundred inches of rain per year!

I had another meeting with Bro Ekere regarding who would be appointed to go on patrol with me to the churches, and also the details of the Bible conference would have to be worked out. We prepared to walk to the bus stage, and catch public transport (which in town you may find mini-buses, but out of town usually the vehicles are restricted to three ton, five ton lories).

We paid our fare, and arrived at Bro Ekere’s, soon us men were called into a meeting and discussions started. It is important to remember that in PNG there are very strong Tribal customs which, are not negotiable, nor open for discussion if you disagree with them. I learned long ago that if a people’s custom did not violate God’s Word, or principle then I leave it alone.

Some years ago, someone said to me that the Bible has no place for Customs, (the statement was purely meant for the defense of most ‘non-ethnic’ Americans); I agree for the most part of that statement in its context. However, bear with me as I deliberate some on this issue so that as we go along in these reports you may have somewhat of a better understanding of the Papua New Guineans and their ways.

When God called Abraham a ‘Hebrew’ (Ge 14:13) ¶ “And there came one that had escaped, and told Abram the Hebrew…”

The Hebrew Nation started with Abraham as their father, they were given certain dietary laws, and certain rules applied to their Priests, and worship, certain laws were given to govern their dress, their habits, their lives as a Nation of people whom Jehovah had chosen to be His particular people and Nation among the inhabitants.

That being said, the ‘Jew’ will not consume ‘pork’ for in doing so he will defile himself as the animal being an ‘unclean’ and prohibited from their diet. There are some biological truths associated with the ‘uncleanness’ of the pig. A Nation of more then two and a half million people living in ‘primitive conditions’ any outbreak of disease or epidemic would be devastating to their population. God divinely appointed the dietary rules to safe guard against many health issues.

To be Continued…