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Missionary / Evangelist:  Peter A. Halliman



Date:  25/ 11 / 2009


Dear Pastor, Church, and Supporters;


I write to each of you in Jesus’ Name, He who was, is, and forever shall be Amen! 


I would like to take a few minutes of your time and share with you what the LORD has been doing in my life as a Missionary as well as the mission work.  There will be much to report on and this session will not suffice to contain all that needs to be reported on, therefore there will be a series of reports that will follow in order to achieve this.


I want to start from the last report of when I was handwriting in my home there in Papua New Guinea.


I want to thank everyone who prayed for me whilst I was in PNG.  Though it was hard physically (much more then here in Africa) however, it was very rewarding and refreshing to labour among the people of NG.  I spent three months there; almost every day was either hiking to a church or conducting services.  I preached fifty-five times to twenty-two churches, hiked a bit over three hundred fifty miles, conducted a weeks long Bible Conference, and suffered a bad fall in the bush resulting in a broken arm.  Unlike here in Africa where mostly I move from point A to point B in a vehicle or motorbike, and when those fail, I have my mountain bike; point is there in PNG where it rains most every day, and night the tropical rain forest is so dense and the topography is such that most places one will either hike to and fro or be air lifted in by a Helicopter, which I don’t have, therefore the former is the norm.


Satan is hard at work anywhere in the world where the Truth is being taught, and PNG is no different.  Over the years the work has suffered many attacks of Satan and his messengers and of recent years there has been a plot to split the work.  From 2000 when I made a trip for eight weeks, and then again in 2002, again in 2004 and now in 2009.  Each time I spent time there I made the observations that there were a few (three renegade pastors) whom made it their mission in life to destroy the NG mission work as well as those who were in leadership position.


This time around the contention was so sharp that the division was formulated.  It has long been known in PNG as to the strength and unity of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Mission work, and churches, which have been organized over the years as well as the Truth which has been taught.


One of the main ingredients is due to the fact that the PNG work was started from day one on the right foundation.  The Natives as primitive as they were, received teaching to “not depend on the White-man” but on the LORD Jesus Christ.  They were taught that their churches were just as much a church as those in developed countries where the “white-man” resided.  They were taught that God has a “financial program” for His church, and its called “Tithes and Offerings” from God’s people, derived from the members of a local Independent, indigenous church.  The NG Natives never struggled with the (Tithes, Offerings) issue; they have always given and looked after their pastors on the level of who they are and how they live.


However in every generation and every part of the world where the LORD’S churches have been planted, Baptist churches and people have always suffered from persecution coming within.  The PNG work after nearly fifty years of dedicated standing, there has come the sad tale of division.  It can be traced back to one point… (SIN) – JEALOUSLY. 


In 2000 I found three divisions and the LORD was pleased to allow me to bring harmony and peace among the churches and brethren at that time re-uniting them into one work again.  I departed and came back to Malawi Africa, time passed and 2002 I made another trip to PNG finding the brethren had divided again.  I once again made the patrols, hiking the mountains trying to bring peace to God’s people and thought I had when they came together in the end at a Bible Conference.  Time passed again and in 2004 I returned only to find the churches split, brethren out of fellowship etc… and the effort was made “again” to restore order and harmony to the people.  I felt that God had used me once again to calm the storm as though it were and I returned to Africa.  Five years had passed its now 2009 and I was able to make it back to PNG to see how the brethren fared.   This time I was saddened by the fact that whilst I was there I witnessed the public statements of these brethren stating that they were breaking off from our work, and that they could no longer fellowship with us.


As I sat in my house there at the Tanggi Mission Station I could remember the days that I was growing up as a boy watching my father prepare for the long bush patrols into the jungles to go preach the Gospel to those in “Regions beyond”.  I now think about all the hard labour and the effort which went into this vineyard.  Only those whom have walked the trails, and hiked the mountains, can understand what kind of sacrifice it took to bring the Gospel to these people.  I now look at the ones whom have broken off from this great work, for temporal things, for “Jealously” and “Position”.  I am often reminded of those who asked Christ if they could be given a position to sit on the right and left hand of Him in the next life.


As I began to plan my time table and schedule with the people and churches I knew that there would be churches which I would probably not visit again this side of heaven, unless God were to intervene. 


Now after having spent thirteen full years in Malawi / Mozambique Africa, and having seen the Spiritual struggles that these Africans face its always a wonder to me how quickly false doctrine sets in and takes hold in peoples lives.  How quickly one will “sell out” for the “thirty pieces of silver” after they have embraced the truth for so long.  Was it really that difficult to continue… one would think so after observing some peoples lives.


I will leave this with you until the LORD enables me to bring another report from the work in PNG.  May the LORD bless each of you in your labours for HIM where you may be.


A fellow Servant by His Grace,

Missionary Peter Halliman



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