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Missionary / Evangelist:  Peter A. Halliman


Date:   29th September 2019

Dear Pastor, Church, Supporters;

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

This report is a bit late for August, however it is not because there is nothing to write about, rather I often take time to try and choose what I feel would sum up the work in a given time without wearing you out.

 During the month of August there was a Bible Conference scheduled at one of our churches located deep in the jungles, no roads, (vehicle) to this destination, only by hiking in or being airlifted does one get to many of the places where our work carries us.

 I started in Mt. Hagen preparing for the Conference gathering some supplies, as well as building supplies for the mission, hardware of various items, extra fuel supply, cement etc… with a payload of near two tons it was slow going.  As explained in many pasts reports the road conditions are what books and movies are made out of.

 I will only share the fact that some three hours away from the mission station, the vehicle sustained a broken shock on the rear.  Further on two hours from home, I stopped for a vehicle check and noticed that on the front left chassis (the seat of the coil spring) was broken from the chassis and only a third part was still holding.  The bracket for the shock housing and coil spring both is attached to this seat, and if it were to completely sear off, the vehicle would be grounded.

Prayers are constant and standing upon the ground of GOD’S Sovereignty and Providence we push on hoping, trusting, leaning upon HIS promises to see us through.  The last two hours’ drive turned into near four and half hours.  An already long hard trip pushed the physicalness of our limits.  By and by we arrived home, no matter how tired we were, (I had seven men with me) we were very thankful that we had not broken down on the road.  GOD is merciful even amongst our problems and troubles.

 For one week and a half, I worked on the vehicle, not having a workshop of any type or shelter to house the vehicle it was out in the weather.  This is a different story here in PNG, at least where I live, where the rain fall is almost constant of two and half inches per day.  I have a window of about five hours to work steady, however some days we don’t’ get that window without rain.

The entire front left chassis had to be rebuilt, though I have my welding machine and tools, it is still a challenge getting everything right with manual tools.  I can only pray for wisdom and knowledge and ask for GOD’S help in areas where I need it.  HE is always faithful (2 Timothy 2:13) “If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.”

The time was upon us to prepare for the Bible Conference, it would take several days for this preparation and to this end were things set in place.  It had been some time since I had made a long hike.  Since my arrival back in June and then the surgery I had not engaged in any hard-physical activity, other than physical labour around the mission station.

 22nd of Aug 2019 a group of thirty people including myself set off at first light from the Tanggi mission station to a place called Pupa Baptist church located within the Jungles some twelve hours hike away, S.E.

 Throughout the day, breaks were taken, hills, mountains and rivers were negotiated until afternoon hrs near dark we arrived at our destination.  The last mountain would have topped out near eight thousand feet.  The way down was near riveted with large granite-rocks that were part of the skeletal make-up of the mountain.  It was impossible to remain vertical as we descended.  I have seen these people stay upright in almost unimaginable slippery conditions, however this time everyone took precaution and negotiated. 

 That afternoon I had already become numb from the hike, my body was simply performing on fumes and the energy supply was exhausted, however I have learned that our LORD it is that carries us, guides our steps, and holds us from dangerous falls.

 A hot bucket bath in the bush after this kind of day is something, I cannot explain to you in human language, it must be experienced.   A dinner of tin fish and rice seemed like a dinner fit for a king, my housing was secure, and my sleeping bag was prepared.

The morning came all too soon and yet somewhere in the night’s sleep GOD performs HIS wonderous work of repair and regeneration of the body.  The aches and pains were there reminding me that I was no longer twenty years of age.

 By 0900 hrs we were assembled and ready to start the Bible Conference, the services and preaching continued until mid-day, where we took a small break and resumed until early afternoon hrs.  At 1500 hrs (3 pm) services were concluded for the day as the local church had the usual welcoming meal called (mumu) of which I have spoken many times about. 

 As the food was removed from its earthen oven and divided out, I was again reminded of the great sacrifice that is made from these people without complaint or talk, it is just given. I have also learned something from these people, they have little but are prepared to give it all for the service needed.  It’s one thing to give a lot when you have a lot, but when you have a little and give a lot! That is exactly where Christ was in HIS teaching!

The second day wore on, and the afternoon turned into the night with biblical discussions and questions.  It had been a full day for me and most of the days preaching had been conducted by me as per their request.  If any preacher reading this report should try preaching from morning to afternoon with little to no break, then you will understand my words.

I take these opportunities to do much teaching in my preaching, and one sermon after another is delivered with GOD’S help and grace. 

 Again, the day ended with GOD’S blessings and as I lay in my tent the bush-houses nearby sounded out with hymns of praise, ‘How Great Thou Art’, ‘What a Friend we have in Jesus’, and so on.  I asked myself the question, how is it that people with so little can be so happy and those with so much be so unhappy?

 The next day being Sunday we started at our usual time of 0900 hrs.  We had several visitors and people that had hiked from the nearby mountains who had come to hear the preaching these past days, as the morning messages were preached there seemed to be a restlessness from within the crowd.

 During one of the morning messages, there were three people who stopped me from preaching and said they had something to say, I gave them opportunity and each one publicly stated how the LORD had found them lost in their sins and had opened their heart, in repentance and faith they believed upon the only Name, (Acts 4:12) “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

At the close of the Sunday service there were nine souls that had been redeemed and the local church had voted to authorize me to perform the baptizing for them and therefore after examination, we hiked down a mountain to a river and it was there in that river, between those mountains deep in that part of the jungles of Papua new Guinea, that these nine people were baptized in the same way that long ago John The Baptist, also baptized those in the river Jordon.

 I was made to realize that all the aches and pains experienced in the hike and the physical inconveniences (humanly speaking) were insignificant and counted as dung compared to the eternal gifts of eternal life.  What story would be told in Heaven, what would the witness be? What would the angles say, and what would the testimony be? 

 Though there are many who stand on the grounds of condemnation and judgment, though there are the critics and those who fall into the camps of the Pharisees, yet where are those who are willing to go? And those willing to ‘forsake all’ for Christ’s sake?

 I would challenge any reader to purchase their ticket, come here, visit this work and let the work testify if the salt has lost its savour?

 GOD will continue to use those who offer themselves for HIS service, GOD can raise up the stones, and use animals to speak HIS Word.  May our LORD find each of us faithful in HIS service and look for HIS coming. 

In His Name,

Peter Halliman