S.G.B.M. May Support

Greetings to all in the name of the Lord,

I want to thank each of you for your support of Bro. Peter and the mission at hand. As we know he is hard at work in the ministry the Lord has placed him in. We pray as you all do that the Lord would protect him and lead him as he moves about in a tough and often hostile environment. 

We are doing our best to get adjusted to this transition. I believe in the months ahead things will smooth out as we press forward. I want to be as informative as possible and in a timely manner. I am still figuring out some things on the computer. I have never been a computer person, but there is a need.   I ask for your patience as I try to learn new things.

Please do not forget:  Make all checks and support to Peter Halliman. In the memo please display your intent.  If checks are made to Faith Baptist Church, we then are required to deposit those checks in the church account and then write a check to Peter and deposit. We have been required to do this on a few. We can do this, but it adds more work to the record keeping. We have a seperate account for our Missionary Peter Halliman.  If the check is made to the church we cannot deposit it in his account. Therefore, it delays the use of the support by Bro. Peter.

Checks made to: Peter Halliman

Memo:   S.G.B.M. or where funds are directed.

Checks mailed to: 
Faith Baptist Church
 603 Faithway Dr
Seffner, FL 33584

I know this change is new and different, but if we work together it will be to the benefit of the Lord’s mission and His man on the field. Thank you all again for your patience with me as I make adjustments and become a daily user of computers. 

Holding to the faith,

Bro. Pierce

Support Notice

International – Papua New Guinea / Malawi Africa
P.O. Box 60150 Ndirande Bt. 6 Blantyre Malawi /
P.O. Box 233 – Mt Hagen (WHP) Papua New Guinea
Tanggi Mission Station – North Koroba, Hela Province, PNG
Missionary / Evangelist:  Peter A. Halliman
Email: panagioite04@gmail.com
Website:  sgbm-malawi-africa.com

Date:   02 June 2024

Dear Pastor, Church, & All Supporters:

Special Notice to All Supporters, Friends:

This notice is not so much another ‘mission report’ however, it does pertain to the mission work, and the health of operations.

Back in April I wrote a letter, sent out via email, giving notice to (All) who had been, and wished to continue to support the mission work that I am involved in, there was a change in the ‘Sponsoring Church, or Sending Church’.

Since 2010 I have been sent out from Providence Baptist Church, of Henderson, Texas, whose Pastor was, still is Elder Steve Fulton, they faithfully and tirelessly took up the task of collecting all support funds, accounting for such, reporting monthly of all incoming support for the Sovereign Grace Baptist Mission, wherever the H.S. led in our outreach for mission work, and preaching the Gospel.

Due to a heavy workload on Bro. Steve Fulton, a collision he was involved in, resulting in bodily injury, this contributed to even more of a task and heavy load, both spiritually and physically.  When I had returned to the USA in May of 2023, I learned of this and after several home church visits, conferencing with Bro. Fulton, he advised and indicated to me that I might consider finding another ‘Sponsoring Church’ due to what I have just explained.

I was slow and reserved simply because (change is hard), besides when you have a long history where you are close (spiritually and physically) the human side does not want to make the shift.  I knew I had to put personal feelings aside and consider the LORD, HIS work, HIS people, and His churches.

The decision was made, the move was made to (Faith Baptist Church) of Seffner, FL at Faithway Dr.  Seffner FL.  33584. / Coordinates (27.97245’N, / 82.28485’W).

Pastor Tate Pierce – Tel. (813) 714-9668, Bro. Pierce may be reached via email, (pastorpiercefbc@gmail.com / his home address is 29905 Briarthorn Loop Wesley Chapel FL.  33545. 

Please note the following:

All Support for Peter A. Halliman / S.G.B.M. please make a note on the memo line of your cheque like that.  It is far easier to make the deposits by my pastor or Treasurer into the missions account set up already for deposits.

However, if you are sending in for Edwin Chipala, or Eric Dinala (for the Malawi Mission work) please make note again on the memo line of the cheque for the designated person.  All support will be deposited, accounted for, and reported on.  The correct support will be sent to who it is given for.

My USA Mobile number again is (903) 830-0052, it is in service, I can be reached on this number even in PNG.  My email is on the letterhead.  I am using WhatsApp USA number, and you may reach me on that perhaps for a quicker reply.

I want to thank each of you for your sacrificial giving and prayerful support of the work which, our LORD has called me to do.  

If you still have queries, you may contact my pastor, (Bro. Tate Pierce) or myself on the contact information that I have outlined.

In His Name,

Missionary Peter Halliman

April Report

International – Papua New Guinea / Malawi Africa
P.O. Box 60150 Ndirande Bt. 6 Blantyre Malawi /
P.O. Box 233 – Mt Hagen (WHP) Papua New Guinea
Tanggi Mission Station – North Koroba, Hela Province, PNG
Missionary / Evangelist:  Peter A. Halliman
Email: panagioite04@gmail.com
Website:  sgbm-malawi-africa.com

Dear Pastor, Church, & All Supporters:

Proverbs 21:1 The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.

I am in the residence that I rent here in Mt. Hagen, PNG, it has been a long journey since I departed the USA, I left on a Tuesday 30th April and arrived in Port Moresby on 6th May simply because I had taken a short stopover in Townsville, AU to view the Land Rover that I have been talking about buying for some time.  I want to share some things with you (the reader), and you determine if GOD was involved in this event or not.  I believe the Bible teaches God has a directive will, and a permissive will, if you the reader are not clear what this means, ask your pastor or a preacher who studies the Bible.

The old Land Rover is grounded and would take a major overhaul (driveline, body, interior) to make roadworthy again (not feasible) unless there is another

vehicle in operations, and this can be done little by little.  This mission work is a turnkey operation and runs full bore, with only myself here, I don’t have much down time.

That being said, I started hunting for a Land Rover of a similar platform as to mine, however most were out of my range.  I have been saving the offerings that have come in over the past four years, praying, looking, and waiting upon GOD.

When I was State side back in June of 2023 I found one Land Rover like mine, set up for off road usage in AU. The owner was a one-time owner from new, serviced regularly with Land Rover.  I reached out to him (Adrian) the vehicle was listed publicly for sale, though I had asked him to hold it, this was a first come first serve basis.

It seemed that GOD held back the (potential) buyers, for eight months Adrian and I communicated, and he continued to hold the vehicle.  There were two others who had promised him that they were prepared to buy cash up, but as (Ezra 7:27) “Blessed be the LORD God of our fathers, which hath put such a thing as this in the king’s heart, to beautify the house of the LORD which is in Jerusalem:”

The unbelievers’ heart is also in the hand of our LORD, let this be an encouragement to all who read this!

For four years, I have nursed, welded, tied-together, secured with rubber straps, taped with duct tape, fabricated my own brake pads, driven with no brakes, no wiper system in 

a tropical rain forest, this is challenging.  The pictures many of you had seen on the presentation, I fabricated, welded-rewelded, etc… on the stories go however, I knew if it was the LORD’S will, this vehicle would be available.  I do not fear to ask great things of my GOD, as I have a great GOD, HE is not short on resources, nor does HE borrow to give.

The vehicle was still on hold when I arrived in Australia, I spent three days viewing the vehicle, driving, testing it, checking mechanically etc… it is a sound vehicle (model 2010) 80,000 miles a 2.4 L diesel (for those of us who know engines and diesels, this is just a break in).

The vehicle cost ($48,000.00) USD which, for this vehicle is relatively cheap…. I had priced US made Jeeps (the double cab-pickup) set up for offroad usage and the pricing was out of my budget or range ($100,000.) plus besides the shipping etc.

I wonder what information would become public if you had to write a report to all that I do, and tell what you spend on (things, meals, clothes, habits etc.) the vehicle you have bought or own (?) would you be shy for others to know (your business)?? 

The vehicle comes with a complete lockable Aluminium canopy for the bed, which can be removed for an open back tray.  Has a 75-litre water reservoir, a 170-litre long range fuel tank, lockable toolboxes.  I am having wire mesh – security wire/ frames fabricated and installed to cover the windows and windscreen for the riot-violence-rock throwing etc… that goes on here in PNG.

The vehicle is being prepared for shipment, once loaded I have been told it will take fourteen days to one month depending on the shipper.  I will advise once things are moving on that end.

I also want to attach some pictures of the vehicle, alongside two other Land Rover’ for sale (of same type, model, range) so that you the supporter can know the value of these vehicles and the going market price.  When you research these vehicles, you may say (how did you find that one so cheap)!  There is only one answer – it is a God thing, not man.

I will keep this report short and in our next report soon to follow, I will bring you up to date on the events in the mission work here in PNG, & Malawi – I am in constant communications with Malawi even from the PNG side.

Thanking each of you (because of HIM), for your sacrificial offerings, prayers and support.  I could not do what I do without your help.

In His Name,

Missionary Peter Halliman

Malawi Mission Trip Report Continued – Part Ten in series.

SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST MISSION International – Papua New Guinea / Malawi Africa
P.O. Box 60150 Ndirande Bt. 6 Blantyre Malawi /
P.O. Box 233 – Mt Hagen (WHP) Papua New Guinea
Tanggi Mission Station – North Koroba, Hela Province, PNG
Missionary / Evangelist:  Peter A. Halliman
Email: panagioite042gmail.com
Website:  sgbm-malawi-africa.com

Date:   27th Feb 2024

Dear Pastor, Church, and All Supporters:

2 Timothy 1:6 Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.

Titus 1:5 For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set-in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee:

1 Corinthians 14:40 Let all things be done decently and in order.

Malawi Mission trip continued – Part Ten in series (Jan-Feb 2024)

There were few days to prepare between the ordination service of Bro. Edwin Chipala, and that of Bro. Eric Dinala, between the two weekends, much preparation was needed, I could have been more involved in the (physical & monetary) aspect, however, for all the years I was here in the past, I heavily invested in both applications, hundreds of reports reveal that end.

It is time for the child to be weaned, in so doing, one does not go reverse the growing process.  Perhaps that is the main problem with many mission works, (or churches) (?) you too decide how that shoe fits you!

As I committed to study and the spiritual preparation, the time was upon us, the pastors who had come in for the first Ordination service, had stayed on, I kept them at the mission property and tended to their upkeep.  With the opportunity available, I taught lessons every morning and afternoon, addressing problems in the mission work, and amongst the churches.

The 16th of Feb (Friday) the special service began at 09:00 we had quite a crowd for this small church, as the church service got under way the time for preaching came, I spoke with liberty for nearly two hours, the messages were directed towards Bro. Eric who would be ordained, and the church itself for the responsibility towards their pastor and his leadership of them.  Scripture is not lacking in example and narratives for how N.T. church work is to be carried out, nor does GOD leave the spiritual leaders (under shepherds) without example as to how to behave, what kind of man they are to be etc…. I have often wondered how the modern-day vernacular has come to be accepted (Pastor so & so, my church, we hear).  Repeat something long enough and you begin to believe it to be so.  The Catholic’s teach that the Apostle Peter was the (first appointed Pope) etc… handed down to now! thus the say, the church belongs to (the Pope) my church, my church) why do Baptist copy this vernacular?  Should we not use the Bible verbiage (I pastor so and so, I am the (under-shepherd) of the LORD’S church!  If any pastor or church member reading this disagrees with me, email me and we will discuss further.

I preached much on this (under shepherd), you see, when you have been given the job to take care of (another man’s) property, until they return, you will be reminded that (care) should be taken when (overseeing).  There are some titles and responsibilities that go with each title of this application (Pastor, shepherd, overseer, watchman, steward, and so on).

The H.S. gave much liberty and the Lord’s message was delivered, if we (preachers) ever learn to just study, give way to the H.S. and muse much over the prepared message, allowing His message to first marinate with GOD’s man, then get out of the way, and GOD’S H.S. will minister to the people.  I have always said, the prepared message is only Plan B, what is truly preached at the time with GOD’s anointing Spirit will be Plan A.

Sat 17th Feb 2024 the day started at 04:00 with water being heated for bathing for the pastors and myself, breakfast was prepared and by 07:00 we were all dressed, ready and prepared for the day’s events.  The day had come for Bro. Eric’ ordination, as people gathered, it was not long I knew the building would be packed.

The service had begun at 09:00, we had prayer a couple songs and then I preached a message, following was the public examination, as it had been with Bro. Edwin, so too with Bro. Eric also.  The same question format was used and for the next seven hours, we endured the examination and answers to Bro. Eric’s testimony as to what he believed as a Baptist Preacher.

I would like to give testimony to this, over the years in my ministry, like all Pastor’ and Missionaries (Baptist) we all have certain individuals who excelled, some who raised the bar, some who just went a little further and so on.  Perhaps GOD used all those twenty years in the formation, moulding, fashioning of the character of these two men, (God can say), but I do know this, I have not witnessed anywhere in the world (under my ministry) two men who answered unequivocally better than these two men.  I personally would not be reserved to endorse or support these two men based upon their public testimony.

After the gruelling examination, and having proved himself, the laying on of hands and prayers offered are only a public identification (as seen in the bible) this does NOT make them a better preacher or give them any more of the H.S. it does not add or subtract from what GOD has already done for that one in their personal life.  It is a testament to all (onlookers) in heaven and earth, that the ordaining council simply agrees, condones, and are in union with that one being (set apart) – ordained!

Time was given to the church members, and visitors secondly, to come around give the right hand of fellowship (church members) any sister church members, and then congratulate by visitors.  Benevolent offerings were taken up for Bro. Eric, lots of singing and rejoicing.  The final comments I gave and then the ending prayer.

Sunday the next day following, I would have Eric demonstrate the (gift) of his calling, meaning, to (preach), he and I would preach the charge to Eric, and to the home church.

17th Feb 2024 Sunday – Our day started early again, it breaks daylight in Malawi this time of the year around 04:45, therefore the kitchen area was busy in preparations of heating water for bathing, the food preparation for breakfast etc… The joy and presence of GOD’S H.S. could already be felt amongst the preachers and people, indeed it is (good) for ‘brethren’ to dwell together (Amos 3:3).

All was in order the building again was filled with people, I might make mention that many visitors had come from the villages to witness this kind of ceremony.  There was quite a stir amongst the people saying, they had never witnessed such a church service and that many people who came from different walks of life, and from different denominations stated, “we have never seen a pastor ordained like this, and who can pass that kind of examination”?

Services started at 09:00 sharp, after prayer, some songs, then Eric preached a wonderful message (Why I am a Baptist), I had already prepared my message in advance (not having any way to know) what Eric would speak on, but much of what he preached on was in my outline, which, I preached on (John The Baptist, & Peter a pope)?

Our services lasted nearly four hours, BUT no one cared, or complained, be reminded that the building is open aired, no artificial cooling.  With air temp’ in the high 80’ in building, humidity of 67% it was warm, but no one went home, walked out, or disturbed any part.  The LORD spoke that day, the people were blessed, GOD’s messengers were anointed, and all were encouraged.

The day ended in great rejoicing as people slowly departed after a mid-afternoon meal.  The LORD indeed smiled upon this time of worship, it had become a great testimony to the entire village, no greater testimony than for people to voice, their own eye-witness account on GOD’S wonderful grace and mercies.

We now come to the ending of this part of the series, and the two ordination services that were appointed.  Thank you to each of you who have supported in prayers and benevolent gifts, either to the two men, or myself.  This trip would not have been possible without your prayerful and financial support.

In many reports there seems to be much trial, tribulations and problems that are reported on, however ‘Lift up your voices in praise to a gracious God, from whom all ‘good & perfect gifts come’.  Amen & amen.

In His Name,

Missionary Peter Halliman


Malawi Mission Trip Report Continued – Part Nine in series

SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST MISSION International – Papua New Guinea / Malawi Africa
P.O. Box 60150 Ndirande Bt. 6 Blantyre Malawi /
P.O. Box 233 – Mt Hagen (WHP) Papua New Guinea
Tanggi Mission Station – North Koroba, Hela Province, PNG
Missionary / Evangelist:  Peter A. Halliman
Email: panagioite042gmail.com
Website:  sgbm-malawi-africa.com

Date:   12th Feb 2024

Dear Pastor, Church, and All Supporters:

Titus 1:5 For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set-in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee:

1 Corinthians 14:40 Let all things be done decently and in order.

I had planned many times to come back to Malawi in order that I might see (first hand) the work and attend to any spiritual problems (if need be) not always the case, but with people that is almost a given.

I have already written eight reports of the life, problems, issues, needs, or (NOT), I give way to the H.S. yet make a real human appeal to you, the reader and supporter with the facts, not supposed (needs)!  GOD’S people are very slow in learning the difference between ‘needs and wants’, and it becomes harder when you mix culture, customs, and another people whom you don’t live amongst.

I take the position, that every mission field that is supported by our kind of Baptist churches, should send more than one (in the mouth of two or three witnesses, let everything be established)!  Not only witnesses, but pictures, video’s slide presentations, and such like should be presented to confirm, enhance, and encourage the supporters.

Why is it, that some (on both sides) the churches, and the missionaries have simply stayed, fallen into spiritual apathy over the long years of silence?  Is it that no one wants to spend the money and time to really see what GOD is doing in these fields, and or is it, out of sight, out of mind?

If I had not returned to Malawi, these problems would never have been dissolved, not saying I am the answer to all, NO, GOD is, but He uses people.

Two men here (Edwin and Eric) the two Bible School teachers, Eric is also a Pastor, and Edwin gives testimony that GOD called him to preach and do Evangelism, thus the need for ordination services.

I want to give account on how this has progressed so far, yesterday my time (Malawi) was Sunday, it is now Monday late morning, the whole weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was booked full for special services with the church at Luchenza.  The pastor is,

Edwin’s father Bro. Dinala Chipala, I was with the church the second Sunday of Jan after arriving in Malawi.  During that time, we discussed the ordination, they (the church) wanted, and voted for this service to be.

Fast forward, I gave time for Edwin and Eric to study and prepare, Friday I hired a vehicle to take myself and some others at the mission property to go to Luchenza.  In these locally owned vehicles, it takes an hour to get there from here, not that it is that far in mileage, rather road conditions but also the vehicles are not maintained well. The other day the vehicle I was in ran out of fuel after a long day in church services, another day the rear wheel came off due to wheel-nuts were not tightened, the driver had no jack, so we lifted the rear of vehicle and retightened, and so on.

Friday the 9th of Feb. the special services started, I gave the timeline to the church and pastor, this is not new nor am I a stranger to this work, and or this church.  I was there by 09:00 to start by 09:30, when it came time to start there were a handful of people.  I started the program and preached until 11:00.  We took a break, and then I preached another message finishing at 1:30 pm.  Had a meal and returned home, not many people came just a handful, a shameful thing for a church voting to have special services and an ordination.

10th Feb 2024 Sat.  I was up at 04:00 water was being heated for bathing, fires burning, coffee going and my breakfast of oatmeal.  We set off at 07:30 walked to the main road, just over a mile from the property.  09:00 arrived at Luchenza LMBC, started services at 09:30 am.  I preached for an hour, then we set the order for the examination.  Over the years I have learned what to compile in terms of questions for the pastors, (to be ordained) or (deacon), it is intensive and definitive.  Like a Bro. Pastor said to me, make sure they are examined, because most Baptist would ordain a jackrabbit if they could catch it.

I can assure you Bro. Hobbs, Edwin was put under the spotlight, after seven hours of examination, he did well, any seasoned pastor in the US (Baptist) of the old school would have been thankful for his answers, even under fire he did well.  This is a result of years of schooling, application, studies, and preparation.

1 Timothy 3:10 And let these also first be proved; then let them use the office of a deacon, being found blameless. IF Scripture says the (deacon) must ‘prove’ himself, what more for the Preacher?

Being such a late hour, I closed the day, and Sunday, I preached the charge to the church and Edwin, he was also given a chance to demonstrate the calling of the gift and he preached also.  The day ended yesterday with these events, we had a meal with the pastor and his wife, then we travelled home.

For the vehicle hire, (three days) it cost me sixty USD. In the US this would be a joke, but here it can be expensive to ordinary Malawians (grassroots) level, I mention this, because Edwin and Eric are being supported and they may find vehicles to mover around in order to preach and do the mission work.

I have prayed for rain and the LORD answered yesterday, heavy rains into the night, I cannot answer for other parts of Malawi, but I can answer for here, the LORD smiled upon the mission property and the work of our hands.

Thank you for your prayers, and sacrificial support, I could not do what I do without your support and or prayers.

In His Name,

Missionary Peter Halliman.

End of Part Nine in series – Malawi mission trip Jan-Feb 2024

Malawi Mission Report continued… Part Eight in series.

SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST MISSION International – Papua New Guinea / Malawi Africa
P.O. Box 60150 Ndirande Bt. 6 Blantyre Malawi /
P.O. Box 233 – Mt Hagen (WHP) Papua New Guinea
Missionary / Evangelist:  Peter A. Halliman
Email: panagioite04@gmail.com / Website:  sgbm-malawi-africa.com

Date:   06 Feb 2024

Dear Pastor, Church, & All Supporters:

1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

2 Timothy 4:10 For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica; Crescens to Galatia, Titus unto Dalmatia.

After five days I was up and moving around, however did not regain full strength until a couple weeks later.  The Sovereignty of GOD, His everlasting (Love), His promise to never leave us or forsake us, and on it goes, does NOT negate the fact, that in this life as Job said (Job 14:1) “Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble”.

Every morning, I would open the day with Bible lessons, not just any topic or randomly selected, no, rather, topics that were pertinent to the work-related issues.  We cannot know how to handle many human problems, unless God’s Word is taught and we learn from HIM, who made us and not ourselves.  The Bible is a complete manual for every human problem and the solution, the instructions and advice as to how ‘not to arrive’ at such a point in your life, or if you do find yourself in that issue, ok, here is the remedy.

The problem is…many, many people only wish to use the Bible as a ‘guideline’ NOT exact or specific to the rule of conduct.  GOD did not give us HIS Word for you and me to reinvent ministry!!  God’s people are very slow in learning this.

Most ‘money problems’ with Christians is because they are (thieves and robbers) of GOD.  (Mal. 3:7-11), most ‘worship of God’ problems with Christians, is because they have many idols, (The God of Heaven) will NOT share HIS glory with another, I can go on, but you get the point.  A lot of abridged, annexed to, deleted from, self-initiated meanings of Scripture, instead of (Thus saith the LORD).

The mission work here has sustained many problems in the past eight years, we are now working through these.

Most of the problems that I have learned and faced whilst here, are (money related – Jealously, envy, and positional) did the Apostles not exhibit this same issue when the LORD was coming to an end of His personal ministry?  Did not James and John approach Jesus asking for the right- and left-hand positions (Authority) etc… Jesus rebuked this, so too today.  Why is it, brethren (preachers), S.S. teachers, Bible Camp coordinators etc… are always competing, for the (headship)? Usually those who are absent the most from (church life) want to make a big splash at a Bible Camp, oh really?  If they really had the heart of a servant, they would serve quietly even in the background.

Why is it, that long-debated business meetings are experienced with the LORD’S money?  Some will say, they think it’s not wise to spend the money, others say, we don’t need to keep as the LORD does not want to find any gatherings when HE comes, still others say, we don’t want to become like the church at Jerusalem and become poor, thinking Jesus will come today or tonight, still others will make all kinds of decisions about this money, the truth is usually those who gave the least, cry the longest, and loudest, whilst those who gave the most keep quiet, knowing once the (offering) or Tithe has been surrendered to the LORD, it is no longer in their hand.  Where are you in all this?

The above illustration, for twenty years I invested heavily in the Malawi / Mozambique mission work, no one here complained whilst I was investing both in the spiritual and physical work, church buildings, hospital bills, health issues, food, vehicle transportation, Bible seminary class (no tuition) on and on it goes.  Another cannot boast on the offering of another for themselves, nor do they have a biblical ‘leverage’ to argue how that money is to be used.  If it’s put within the ‘church’ offerings, then it is a church vote, nothing more, nothing less!

Money and position have caused more problems in more mission / church lives than any other topic that I know (in my ministry).

When I left Malawi, I tried to follow as closely (the Bible examples) in setting forth ‘leaders’, two elder men, Bro. Jackson Kopolo, and Bro. Chipala Dinala, then the two bible schoolteachers, Bro. Edwin, and Bro. Eric.  All established mission works, churches, and pastors (must) go through their own growing pains.

I have given enough factual data for any reader and or supporter to this mission work, (Malawi) for you to make a godly decision.  I will further say… at what time? Will others from our ‘American brethren’ buy their own ticket and go visit one or more of the missionaries (on that field), take time to visit the work, not a glorified holiday – take pictures, videos, talk to the church people, non-church people, government people, grass roots people in order to obtain a ‘proper biblical’ report? When?

My life, and work has been visited, examined, spied upon, even lied about, however the multitude of witnesses always tell the ‘truth’.

There were many rumours here that I had died, abandoned the work, I would never return etc. and even to the point, people were making decisions as to who would take what.  People have forgotten that there is a “God in heaven who ruleth among the children of men….”

To be Continued…. (End of Part Eight) Malawi mission trip.

In His Name,

Missionary Peter Halliman


Malawi Mission Trip Report Continued – Part Seven in series.

SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST MISSION International – Papua New Guinea / Malawi Africa

P.O. Box 60150 Ndirande Bt. 6 Blantyre Malawi / P.O. Box 233 – Mt Hagen (WHP) Papua New Guinea
Missionary / Evangelist:  Peter A. Halliman
Email: panagioite042gmail.com
Website:  sgbm-malawi-africa.com
Date:   27th January 2024

Dear Pastor, Church & All Supporters,

Acts 14:22 Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.

The previous reports on the Mission work, the pastors, churches, Malawians, their lives, (Eri & Edwin) whom some support, I have given you enough information to make sound decisions morally and biblically, the H.S. will guide you and lead you further.

The first church service I had after arriving, was here at the property where Bro. Eric is Pastor, the building I constructed serves as a meeting house for the church, besides a Bible School building and now my residence whilst here for the short term I am.

Big difference between the PNG people and here, I will not get into all the customary differences, however I will say, tribal people all over the world have many things in common.  The PNG people will make sure they get their money’s worth out of the preacher, here in Malawi, they are more prone to singing and shorter preaching.

There was a decent crowd, but later Eric informed me that several who came had not been attending for many years, rather came to see if I was going to employ them or give them something! They got something; indeed, they got two hours of preaching the Word!

There was a young man who said he wanted to join the church, after I had him come forward and I questioned him, why did he want to join this church…. An opportunity for him to share his testimony, when he seemed confused, I asked “Did Jesus do anything for you”? his reply, nothing, so I thanked him for coming to church and that was the end of that story.  We are to examine people, they are to give their testimonies if none, then it stops there!

Another young man who had been a member s few years ago, the church had excluded him (the churches in Malawi and PNG) practice exclusion much like many of our churches in the USA used to many years ago, what happened? The church reinstated his membership.

The next week, I adapted to the timeline, and most of the week became acquainted with some of the problems, both in the mission work and on the property.  I have already shared some of those problems.  There has been an issue with locals (villagers) who would cut through the property with illegal firewood they had cut out of the National park, which is protected (or I should say in theory) as no government official will do anything about it.  The trees are cut, and they make charcoal from the trees.  This has been going on since I first came to Malawi back in 1994.  The roadblocks which, are manned by regular Police constables, traffic Police, Para-Military units, many times, Customs & Immigration officers.  

How do these common people get through the roadblocks with illegal charcoal on their bicycles?

I have been teaching Bible lessons every day that I have been here, I extended a call to five pastors who have been with the work since day one, and advised them to come for conferencing about the mission work as well as to discuss problems that have generated since I have been absent.

Someone must be in charge or at least (lead) in any type of work, on every sector of life, the LORD’S work is no exception.  All Baptist churches (our kind) do not have Popes, dictators, etc… (amongst some Baptist) there seems to be that in practice, rather than theory!

However, though we believe in total autonomy and independence of each Bap church, there is such a thing as (fellowship amongst brethren, it is (good) the Bible says for brethren to dwell together!  However, do not take this as a (mandate), many times the fellowship is nothing more than competition, jockeying for position and proud displays of (titles, well dressed etc.).

Two men (Elder Jackson Kopolo, & Elder Dinala Chipala) I gave advice they should accompany Eric and Edwin when going on mission journeys, to establish every word by the mouth of (two or three)., Eric & Edwin I gave order to teach, and continue operations of the Bible school, with lessons that I would send them.

Fast forward, over the past eight years, these positions to these men have caused issues, jealously, conflicts, and almost a division in the work. I have held meetings with these men and have worked out the problems, given exhortation, they have agreed to submit to God’s Word and set things right again.  It is not N.T. mission work to continue to wet nurse and hold the hands of a mission work (churches & pastors, teachers etc.) that is now (twenty-eight years) old.

The second Sunday I have been here, I went to visit the church building where Bro. Edwin is a member, his father is the pastor, (Bro. Dinala Chipala), that church has lost many members over the years I have been gone, for one reason or another, mainly has to do with (money, food, social programs).   Part of the problems I have discovered is that that pastors have not been trying to (build up) the local church, those reading this, what did Missionary Paul mean when he instructed Timothy (a young pastor (2 Timothy 4:5) “But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.”

If the Pastor does not labour to build up the church – physically – Evangelism, then who is?

I had agreed with the Bro. Chipala that I would be there to start by 09:30 am Sunday morning.  I walked the two miles to the main road to catch transport, Edwin, myself and then down the road collected Pastor Jackson Kopolo.  We arrived at LMBC of Luchenza in time, and at 09:30 am I stood up to start the services, there were just a handful of people, Pastor Chipala apologized for the few people, I replied, (no you don’t apologize to me) rather to the LORD.  He wanted me to wait, rather I said no, in twenty years I taught you people to be attentive to the LORD’S house and meet in time, on time, no matter how long the services go, but be attentive.  

I taught Sunday School for two hours, then preached for two hours, we were served a meal by the pastor and his wife afterwards (a Malawian custom) then we headed home.  The day had been a good day, I taught S.S. on (What things are Holy unto the LORD) one of those being His Tithe.  You the reader, ask yourself the question, are you also stealing from the LORD?  Do not cheat yourself in thinking (tithing) was a O.T. practice only.  Read the Bible and you will know!

The mission property sits at the foot of Mulanje mountain, 2700 ft. not that high compared to PNG, my point is, I am 37 miles from Blantyre city one way.  It is a 1 mile to the main road walk, then either waiting for public transport to come along (you may choose to wait) or as I do set off walking to save distance and time.  Eventually a vehicle will come by, sometimes privately owned, or government (the drivers don’t care) they will seize upon the opportunity to make pocket money etc. and or a minibus, or even a lorry.  

I have made three trips to Blantyre to date, as I have no electric in the building, only two small solar lights, and a system to charge my phone, and laptop.  Groceries are bought for a few days, with non-perishables lasting until used up.  It usually takes all day, that is not the (American all day), no, no, no, rather ten to twelve hours of time to complete a turnaround back to the property.  I still must cook dinner over the open fires and heat up my bath water.  There are a few workers here, that assist me in these domestic jobs, however the cooking of my food is performed by myself.

The third week being here, I had the five pastors here at the mission property who sat for Bible lessons, and discussions for the problems in the work.  We managed to work through each and the ending result was positive and corrective.  Sunday the 21st of January, I had a church service scheduled with the church where Pastor Jackson is.  On Sunday morning, the pastors and I set off walking to the church building, no transport came along, we walked the six and half miles to the building.  We were caught in a slow steady drizzle, our clothes were quite wet, but why complain?  Is not the LORD, over the weather too?

The church services were conducted much the same as the previous Sunday, and a long service, with Sunday school and the main service.  We were fed a meal, and afterwards walked the distance back. It was a long day for me, and quite tiring physically as I had just recovered from my bout of Malaria, of which, I will now explain.

Counting back from the Sunday before the 14th, when I arrived home that afternoon, it was that night I started feeling the malaria attack coming on.  I have had malaria for many years, I know the symptoms, Monday, I took some painkillers as my body was already under attack.  I went for testing to a local health clinic, the results came negative (due to the painkiller) however, I knew I had Malaria, I bought the medications, came home, after taking the dosage went to bed, every eight hours I would take the medication for the next three days, every eight hours.  I had a fever quite high, chills, though skin was hot, terrible headaches, joints aching, loss of appetite, coming out both ends it’s unlike anything you have ever had unless you have experienced it, further there are many strains of malaria, I have had cerebral malaria clinically know as (Plasmodium falciparum)  for many years.

After five days of being down, the LORD gave me healing, if you think this is no more then a cold or flu, I invite you to Africa and PNG and live with me under the conditions I live under.

To Be Continued….  End of Part Seven.

Malawi Mission Trip Report Continued – Part Six in series.

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Missionary / Evangelist:  Peter A. Halliman
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Date: 25th January 2024

SGBM – Mission Report Part Six

Eric has bought (in the past) a small motorbike with the money he received from me several years ago.  He has been diligent and responsible.  The motorbike is wearing out and needs to be replaced.  A new one (that size or a bit bigger would cost about $700.00 USD.

Edwin has not bought any motorbike, not sure why, haven’t learned yet but will find out why.  A small vehicle such as a small pickup 4X2) would be very helpful in the work here so that Eric who has a driver’s license, could use to collect pastors for the school (whilst in session), bring his own family to church, pick up work to help support the mission work. This is being discussed and considered as I am here.

I do not feel led or at liberty to return as a permanent resident to further the Malawi/ Mozambique work, after twenty years of establishing, there are men here who can and should carry on.  I take the position in N.T. mission work, that no such thing as an indefinite missionary in the same field, (same location) same people, why?  No indication in N.T. to support this.  Even if a man labours in a field (same field) for forty years, there should be (new areas) new pastors, new preaching points etc… I think you get my point.

Where are the supporting scriptures that GOD’S people and churches are to support a ‘Foreign Pastor’? 

Another (fact) the Africans (Malawians) will NOT walk, hike like the PNG people, no matter how hard you preach, or lead.  The three ways of travel, bicycle, motorbike, or vehicle.  For many years I bought bicycles to assist pastors to help their own lives, families, and to cut (mission costs) in transportation when they would travel to the Bible school, mission station, conferences etc.  The practice of upkeep or replacing themselves, has been minimal, thus (customs & habits) must be changed by the LORD, not men.

Again, I want you the reader to know first-hand the difficulty of life here in Malawi/Mozambique Africa.

The health issues are subjected to (all) natural environments and weather, it is life to walk, work and live in the heat, no aircon, no fans, no hiding place from the heat.  Their homes made of (man-made) brick kiln burned, mud mortar.  I have tried to sleep in their village homes during the hot dry season and its near impossible with the heat.  Many will place their mats on the outside near the house to get some fresh air.  The working of the gardens is with hand tools (not horses, or mules) as our parents did or grandparents.  No machinery, but manpower, all must participate, only small children and older people will not be allowed to work in this heat.

Africa is renowned for its venomous snakes, many people are bitten annually from many, some die and some live to tell the story, its real!  Scorpions, many poisonous insects, the list goes on.  Primary eye issues, the strength of the sun (UV) ratings are high.  No cold water for drinking except what is bought from shops (I speak about village people and their lives).

The bathing in the hot season, one gets dressed again only to feel hot and wet from sweat again.  Most villagers do not have comfortable chairs to sit and rest from the day’s work.

Many village Malawians do not even have a mosquito net, therefore their children, families suffer from malaria frequently.  After the sun sets, there is nothing to stop the mosquitos from biting one, where shall you go? In what room shall you sit, or what house is mosquito proof?  

Many cannot afford to buy bleach, disinfectants, sprays, cleaners, do not have home medical packs, even the simple things as pain killers, they just deal with life in its raw state.

Would you agree to live like that? 

They don’t have entertainment in their houses; therefore, the evenings are restricted to verbal socialization, (which is biblical) nothing wrong with having T.V. or entertainment (IF) its controlled and modified!!  Is yours?

To Be Continued…. ending of Part Six

By His Grace,

Missionary Peter Halliman

Malawi Mission Trip Report Continued – Part Five in series.

SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST MISSION International – Papua New Guinea / Malawi Africa
P.O. Box 60150 Ndirande Bt. 6 Blantyre Malawi /
P.O. Box 233 – Mt Hagen (WHP) Papua New Guinea
Tanggi Mission Station – North Koroba, Hela Province, PNG
Missionary / Evangelist:  Peter A. Halliman
Email: panagioite042gmail.com
Website:  sgbm-malawi-africa.com

Date:   25th January 2024

I will explain to you the reader the challenges both Eric and Edwin face and eliminate the guess work.

Both men have been endorsed by me in this mission work, as they were tutored by me for many years.  They both laboured for many years with me going on mission trips, preaching publicly, privately, teaching in the Bible school, organising churches, in the baptisms, physical work with the mission labours.  They worked hand in hand with me over the years tirelessly.  

As I endorsed both, it was time for them to pick up the mantle and get on with the mission work as they were taught, not to reinvent or change, add to, or delete from what they had been taught.

What they do not have expenses for:

Rent – No

Property tax – No

Water & Elect bill – No

Rubbish pickup bill – No

Landline bill – No

Home Ins – No

Health Ins – No

Dental Ins – No

Auto Ins No

Vehicle upkeep – No

Employees for the mission work – No

Construction Hardware for building church buildings – No

To Construct a Bible School building – No

To purchase land for a mission station – No

To shop for groceries like a (Whiteman) No

Home repairs such as city-life – No

I can go on, but I think you get the picture, now that I have said that I do want to explain what they do face.

As you read this report, it is straight up, no crutches are used for sympathy, (I also have lived a hard life) my Lord lived a hard life on earth and so on!  I will not boast on anything here to make it appear more, nor subtract from the severity of life here… I have seen how “Americans” live, how the Papua New Guineans live, and how the African’s live.  As God’s people we need to stop the complaining, or (feeling sorry), nor do we need to try and change the lepers’ spots, that is GOD’S business.  If the LORD does not send the wind from the West to drive out the Locusts, then what can we do?

  1. Food is their most expensive bill, the mainstay of their diet is maize flour, this is going for ($35.00) 100 lb bag, that will last Eric and his family of (six) or Edwin with his family (six also) for a month and sometimes a little less.
  1. Seeing they have no electric, the market shopping is almost every two or three days, life in Malawi is like that.  Food is bought for a couple days or three the most, that is fresh veggies, etc… the flour is either redeemed from maize crops planted, harvested, ground as needed into flour, kept, and stowed in sacks for the long months ahead until next harvest.  This is (all) ‘Conditional’ – meaning, if the LORD blesses the land with the proper, adequate rains for the crops, they will redeem the harvest, if the rains are too much, the crops get washed away, if too little, no growth.  Therefore, maize flour must be bought.  They don’t have concrete floors, or wooden, rather dirt, no airtight storage for the flour, thus being in bags, suspected to insects, (mice, cockroaches) I can go on… Africa is hard on life, end of story!
  1. With the houses they have in the villages, many issues with health from Malaria, bacteria, cockroaches, flies, scorpions etc…. No person from a developed country would live like they do; however, they were born this way, will live and die this way.  We are not called to preach customs, change customs, or try to build our own kingdoms.  With this said, small children often fall sick with malaria, dysentery, pneumonia, typhoid, and the list goes on.  As I deliberate, if you the reader disagree with any of this, perhaps you can come here to Malawi or any country in Africa and work as a (social worker) or for (Habitat for Humanity), UNICEF, Save the children, Red Cross, and so on, BUT Christ did NOT command HIS church to be engaged in (social programs), be careful that you don’t confuse these ministries.
  1. The Malawians have a hard life, it is not easy unless you are rich, and live in the cities taking advantage of the city life, and labours of the village Malawians. 
  1. Often the American mind must undergo a total transformation to understand and accept the way of life for those people living under a different economy, standards, and lifestyle.
  1. Without a proper vehicle, (though the big expenses) are eliminated, so too the convenience.  The transport I have first-hand knowledge, for me to travel from the mission property here in Mulanje District to Blantyre city 35 miles one way, costs me ($2.00) USD, it is important you remember the transport costs, as you think over the cost of living for these two men here.  Though the time is consumed (much) in public transport, and it is very inconvenient (for me) this does not have the same meaning for Edwin and Eric, they were born Malawians, they will live and die as Malawians.
  1. I hired a small vehicle on Sunday (privately owned vehicle) to take us to church about 16 miles, the vehicle was on hire going, waiting, and bringing us home, the whole day ($15.00) USD, I think you are getting the picture.

To Be Continued, ending of Part Five

Peter Halliman

Malawi Mission Trip Report Continued – Part Four in series.

 SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST MISSION International – Papua New Guinea / Malawi Africa
P.O. Box 60150 Ndirande Bt. 6 Blantyre Malawi /
P.O. Box 233 – Mt Hagen (WHP) Papua New Guinea
Missionary / Evangelist:  Peter A. Halliman
Email: panagioite04@gmail.com / Website:  sgbm-malawi-africa.com

Date:   25th January 2024

Dear Pastor, Church, & All Supporters:

Mt 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
Mt 24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

(Part Four)

Several days have now passed since my arrival and stay here in Malawi, this is the 19th, which means I have been here for seventeen days.  This time around for me is very different, as I do not have a vehicle, and though taking public transport is not new to me in these third-world countries, none the less (new or not) doesn’t make it any easier.

I will explain many things to you about the mission work here in Malawi, when I return to the USA, if anyone wants a (in person) further update, or questions that may not be answered, you can notify me and we can organise a date to discuss in person, however, time, distance, money, and energy is all relevant.

Notations on the actual mission work here in Malawi/ Mozambique – Firstly, the economics and devaluation of the currency.  Malawi has remained a donor country for many years, why? Much they choose to simply because of a corrupt government, the donors themselves facilitating this habit, by not requiring any accountability or audits, looks like to me if the US government demands tax returns from its citizens, then why are other countries (non-citizens) given money without audits??  I think we know the answer!

Right now, the devaluation is (2000. Malawi Kwacha to (1.00) USD.  Meaning, if ($100.00) USD is sent to Edwin or Eric, that gives them (MK-200,000.00).

With a devaluation in currency, it also raises the cost of living this goes hand in hand, when there is a depression or oppression, or inflation (we all went to school) I think we all studied (Social studies) etc… I don’t need to chop your time with schooling, rather to Bro. Edwin and Bro. Eric you may know first-hand what the situation is like here as I see it.

I will state very quickly, that I am NOT the Holy Spirit, I am not the one to convict you either way in giving to further the Kingdom of Christ, however, I do want to say this, I have learned over the years, in my observation from churches, people, other missionaries etc… there seems to be a habit that some think as long as they (give) to someone who in the name of a (missionary) under the auspices of doing N.T. mission work, that somehow they have done their Christian duty (church duty) that it ends there.

Ac 14:26 And thence sailed to Antioch, from whence they had been recommended to the grace of God for the work which they fulfilled.
Ac 14:27 And when they were come, and had gathered the church together, they rehearsed all that God had done with them, and how he had opened the door of faith unto the Gentiles.
Ac 14:28 And there they abode long time with the disciples.

Maybe some missionaries don’t return to the US where they are from, is because they have nothing to report, or give answer to.  It’s easy to hide behind a mission letter or email, isn’t it?

The numbers belong to our LORD, but the labouring does belong to (us), with labouring there is energy, time, and expense, the accounting should be proper.

The minimum wage here in Malawi set by the Malawian government is at ($50.00)/ a month, I did not make the rules, I am not saying it is fair or proper, I am giving facts.

If your pastor, or if you are a pastor reading this, how would it work out for you, if you asked the church to support you (10 times) the average salary of any one church member? Do you think this would work out?

Would you the reader agree with me in the fact that a pastor of a N.T. (type) Baptist church should live about the same level as the (sheep) he shepherds? Especially if the church members are supporting him full time, however, if a pastor must work to makeends meet, (his personal income) is none of your busi ness, or anyone else’ for that matter, but hold on, what is the difference in the (Ordained ministers) of the church – meaning (pastor and or missionary)? Muse on these things.

The Apostle Paul was a tent maker – I am a professional welder by trade, I have worked many times to help with the expenses in the mission work, my personal needs, and to assist others when I was called upon.  There is nothing wrong with this if called upon to do so.

There are many verses and narratives that come to mind for accounting, responsibility, and being a good steward of GOD’S Work, His money, and sharing with His people.

To Be Continued…. Part Four ended

In His Name,

Missionary Peter Halliman